Discussion Assignment OXO Gets a Grip on New Markets

OXO Gets a Grip on New Markets (No Recession at OXO). Business Week, October 5, 2009. Please be sure to follow the \’Guidelines\’ presented under \’Discussion Assignments\’ in the syllabus for providing your answers to the following questions.From the information given in the article, identify and list (separately) as many strategies as possible which, you believe, the company is formulating or implementing.
For each strategy,
(a) first, cite a specific example/action from the article, then label or name the strategy (jargon) meant by the action; and
(b) define all the strategies identified in part (a).
You should utilize the material from chapters 6, 7, & 8 for formulating your responses and must use relevant jargons.
Article is included, please use powerpoint for relevant information from texts.