Read this book called Elizabeth Kolbert. The Sixth Extinction. Picador.and answer the question below;

Discussion: \”The Sixth Extinction\” (148-217) Chapters 8-10
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Any field that you can possible think of has its own terminology, also called \”jargon.\” Just think of computers, with bits and bytes and URLs and all of the special coded language. Other scientific fields are no different! In fact, scientific jargon may be the most extensive of all specialized language.

In The Sixth Extinction, some jargon or terms pop up once and then are gone; other words recur throughout the reading. The once-and-gone words are insignificant, but the recurrent words can create obstacles to your understanding the reading unless you can figure out their meaning in context or look them up.

Choose ONE WORD that has bugged you or that you consider important to comprehending the text. Then for this post write the word and its definition. In a sentence or two, explain why that word is important.