Dispute resolution and remedies

Dispute resolution and remedies


This first coursework asks you to investigate the significance of the Hague-Visby Rules.

Learning Outcomes

1) Demonstrate a critical awareness of International, European and UK legal sources
2) Show a critical understanding of the common law principles governing commercial obligations & dispute resolution
3) Analyse the effectiveness of legal remedies and processes that assist dispute resolution

Coursework Specification and Corresponding Marks

The export trade inherently spans international boundaries, and it is important that all stakeholders have access to justice so as to obtain legal remedies as a satisfactory settlement of a dispute.
Write a REPORT that shows where and how such parties may seek to resolve their disputes, and show what remedies may be available.

The coursework should be between 2700 and 3000 words.

Your answer should well structured, with logical arguments supported by illustrations that are drawn both from legal sources. You will need to cite legal cases and materials. Marks will be awarded for depth of thought, clarity of expression and analysis.

Referencing must be in accordance with the LJMU Maritime, Logistics and Nautical Harvard Referencing Rules, available through the Blackboard Community site.

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