your job is challenge the statement:
Statement: 2. From the 1930s through the 1960s, dissent was a prominent part of American politics. Many different social movements attempted to transform American life, but these social movements won few victories during this time period. Any history of social movements during this period, then, would have to be a story of failure.

Structure of the essay:
Paragraph One: This is where you will present your new interpretation that challenges the statement I give you.
Paragraph Two: Summarize the argument presented in the statement I give you and tell me
why its problematic.
Paragraphs Three, Four, and Five: support your interpretation with new evidence that
doesn\’t appear in the original statement you receive. You do not need a conclusion.

1. Your essay should follow the essay structure provided above.
2. You must underline the nine terms and one primary source you use. Those terms should come from the list of important terms provided in the blackboard units. The primary source should come from the assigned readings.
3. Only terms that do not appear in the statements above will be counted.
4. You must define the important terms you use. For example, for the Thirteenth Amendment you might write: The Thirteenth Amendment, which prohibited slavery, changed the postwar world.
5. In each paragraph, you need to explain how the terms support your argument.

Grading Rubric to help you better write essay
20 points: Your new interpretation is coherent and effectively challenges the original
10 points: You effectively summarize the original essays argument and explain why its
60 points: You provide and define nine key terms and one primary source from the course readings and lectures.
10 points: In each of the last three required paragraphs of your essay, you successfully
explain how your evidence supports your argument.

Include in paragraph 1:
Organization(how the evidence is presented)

Include in paragraph 2:
Introduce other ideas

Include in each paragraphs 3,4,5:
Topic sentence
Evidence(3terms, total from 3 paragraphs should be 9) Analysis
No conclusion needed

I am going to attach terms that you have to use, as well as 1 primary source