Document Analysis Summary


Document Analysis Summary Now it is time to take the data you have collected from the primary document and develop a summary of the information. This part of the assignment will answer all of the questions from the Document Analysis Worksheet, but put into a narrative summary. Use the following guidelines to develop your summary:
Paragraph 1 – Discuss the importance of primary documents (what are primary documents, where do they come from, their use in telling history, etc.) using your lecture notes and textbooks as a source of information.
Paragraph 2 – Introduce your selected primary document. Include the basic information (date, author, position, audience) you collected on your Worksheet.
Paragraphs 3-4 – Summarize the remainder of the information you collected on your Worksheet. Try to elaborate on the following: -How this document is a valuable source of information for the time period and relevant events in history -What life was like during this time period and why -The questions that are still unanswered or debated on this topic in history
Paragraph 5 – Provide a simple conclusion restating the value of primary sources and including any last thoughts or comments you may have. Please follow these basic formatting guidelines for this Document Analysis Summary: 1) 1-2 pages in length 2) Include a basic heading – Student name, course number, and Assignment name at the top of your paper (Single-spaced) 3) Use standard one-inch margins, 12-point font in Times New Roman and double-spacing for the main body of paper 4) Save your paper as a Word Document or Rich Text Format 5) You are not required to include a Works Cited, footnotes or other in-text citation