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Module 5
Answer one of the discussion questions found on page 298 in reference to victim impact statements. Post your answer in a new thread. Make sure you respond to at least 5 other student\’s thread.

Domestic Violence and Control
Please read the Domestic Violence and Control supplement located at the end of the syllabus. The questions listed at the beginning of the reading are to be answered in paragraph form and not in question form. All other paper requirements are given under the explanation of written projects.

Domestic Violence and Control
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In the summer of 1996, I met a guy and we knew each other for about three weeks, and then he moved in with my son and me. And he was good to my son and I, he bought me cards and flowers every day and this went on for three months. One day I went to the grocery store and I had been gone about an hour and when I got home Eddie was furious with me. Eddie slammed me down on the couch, causing me to hit my head on the piano.
Eddie told me that when I go to the store I only had ten minutes to do the shopping and get home. When I would go visit my mom and dad I could only stay for ten minutes. I couldn\’t go have coffee with them in the mornings like I always had done. When I was gone longer than ten minutes Eddie would start pushing me around and he would grab my upper arm and drag me to the bedroom, that\’s where he always would start beating on me. Eddie would bruise my arm every time he grabbed me like that.
I had this bowling activity one night a week and it would take two and a half hours to bowl and I had to get home right after I was done. Well one night I was a half hour late getting home because I went over to see my mom and dad and when I got home Eddie grabbed me by the arm once again and off to the bedroom, he threw me down on the bed and held me there and then he started head butting me. This happened several times. Eddie always told me I\’d better not ever hurt him. I bent over backwards for him so he wouldn\’t beat me up. But it was never good enough for him. Eddie was never happy unless he was beating me up. As time went on things got worse. When I would go to work Eddie would call my place of work several times during the day to check up on me. Eddie told me I wasn\’t to talk to any of my co-workers. On day Eddie come to pick me up from work and I was talking to my manager, and it was a guy. When we got home he started knocking me around again. Every time he got done with me he would always say he was sorry and he would never do this again. Eddie always begged me for another chance and I would. When Eddie would go to work and I had the day off I had to sit by the phone, I couldn\’t go visit my parents, because he called every five minutes to see if I was there, and if I wasn\’t he would leave work to come check on me. Eddie would make up stories just so he would have a reason to beat me up or call me names when he got home. Eddie called me one day and asked me what a blue truck was doing in my drive way and I no idea what he was talking about so when I told him there was not a truck in my drive way he would start beating up on me. Eddie always called me a liar, a slut and a bitch. Eddie always told me he had someone watching my every move, and when I would come home and he had told me some of the places I had been that day I really thought someone was watching me, and then I really began to get scared. Eddie always accused me of cheating on him and when I denied it he would slap me around again. One morning I got up to go to work, Eddie got and started a fight with me, and when I left for work about ten minutes later he called and said he cut his hand and had to go to the hospital, I asked him how he cut his hand and he wouldn\’t tell me. I told him I couldn\’t get off to take him to the hospital then he hung up on me. About fifteen minutes later here comes into my place of work demanding I take him to the hospital so I gave him the keys to the truck so he could take him self. When I got home from work I found out how he cut his hand, he the mirror in the bathroom and broke it.
Eddie also always told me if I hurt him he was going to take my truck and drive off of Dead Horse Point, National Park. Eddie told me I would have his mother to answer too, as to why he drove off of Dead Horse Point. Eddie told me it was my fault for him beating me up. As time went on I was getting really scared for my life and by this time I was really so far in that I was afraid to kick him out. I talked to my sister and she told me if I was to kick him out to call the cops for back up, and I told her that he would never hurt me, that was not the truth because he had been hurting me all along. I couldn\’t go to my family about what was happening because he told me he would go after them if I ever told them what was happening. So to save them I had to keep quiet. Eddie cut me off from my family and my friends and I didn\’t know why at first, then I figured it out, Eddie was afraid I was going to talk about what was really happening to me, this was a threat to him. Eddie was afraid I was going to find out about his past and get rid of him. Well I did find out about his past after he nearly killed me. I was outside talking to my neighbor and I had been out there for about thirty minutes and Eddie came out and told me
I had a phone call and I told him I didn\’t hear the phone ring and he made up some story as to why I didn\’t hear the phone, so I went in to answer the phone and I get in the house and there was no one on the phone, he told me they hung up. Eddie used this type of stuff to get me away from anyone I might confide in. One day Eddie called me at work several times and I didn\’t want to talk to him. My managers told him I was busy and I couldn\’t talk, well he got mad and walked down to my place of work and when I saw him coming I told my boss I didn\’t want to talk to him and my boss sent me to the office. Eddie stormed in and demanding my boss to come get me. When my boss told him no, Eddie stormed back to the office, and my boss followed him and told him to leave but he wouldn\’t. Eddie got in my boss\’s face and threatened him. Eddie wanted the keys to the truck and I wouldn\’t give them to him and he got madder and madder so I gave him the keys so he would leave and leave me alone.
On October 31, 1996, I was dressing my son up to take him out trick or treating and Eddie kept asking me how long are you going to be gone and I told him I didn\’t know. Eddie told me not to get in a car with my mom, he kept telling me she would have me put away so I couldn\’t be with him and I told him no she wouldn\’t, but he said it so many times he had himself believing it. My mom and I took my son out and we were gone about and hour and a half. So when we got home here comes Eddie out from nowhere he was really angry and demanding to know where I was, he saw me getting out of my mom\’s car. I told him we had taken my son around to some homes. My son had just gone into the bowling alley before all of this started taking place. Eddie had hit the hood on my truck he had been calling my parent\’s house the whole time we were gone. Eddie said let\’s go home now. My mom had asked me if I was going to be all right and I said yes I will be all right and I will call you in a little bit. Eddie hated it when I would talk to my parents he was really nervous about me telling what was really going on in my house. Eddie would never talk about his past then I was really scared of what kind of person he really was. Eddie would go through my mail; I had no idea what he was looking for. Eddie is a real possessive and jealous person and very controlling.