Early childhood education and care

Write a newspaper article that highlights the key changes in the nature of childhood historically.
The newspaper must include the following:
An overview of the topic childhood with reference to the differing definitions of it.
Reference to historical events that have impacted on childhood.
A discussion on the influences of legislation on the way children have experienced childhood in the UK.
A projection on how future childhood\’s based on current trends.
A critical reflection on the changing nature of childhood historically from the 1800s to the present day in the UK.
2000 word

Learning outcomes that are reflected in this assessment

? Reveal an understanding of the nature of childhood and how this changes over time.
? Recognise the sources of information available to support our understanding of the history of childhood and begin to analyse and interpret their value.
? Demonstrate sound academic skills in formative and summative assessments.
? Apply the knowledge they have gained to practical situations.