Economic of Entrepreneurship Coursework

The coursework is divided into 2 parts.

First part:
Construct a detailed essay plan based on the given question. The plan must include a fully written introduction and conclusion each 1 paragraph long. In contrast, the main body of the essay will be presented in bullet points. The essay plan is to cover no more than 2 sides of A4 paper, Times New Roman font size 12 as a minimum, with top, bottom, left and right margins of 1 inch (or 2.54 cm).
The essay plan question is: Entrepreneurship as a driver of economic growth. Does the evidence support the theories?

Second part:
To create an annotated bibliography of given four academic papers/books for answering your essay question. The annotated bibliography has a maximum word limit of 800 words this implies a word limit of 200 words for each of the four sources. The annotated should include a summary of the sources main argument and a short critical reflection on its usefulness.
Here are the four sources:
Acs, Z. J., Audretsch, D. B., Braunerhjelm, P., & Carlsson, B. (2012). Growth and entrepreneurship. Small Business Economics, 39(2), 289300.

Bjrnskov, C., & Foss, N. (2013). How strategic entrepreneurship and the institutional context drive economic growth. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 7(1), 50-69.

Henrekson, M & Stenkula, P. (2016) Chapter 7: The importance of entrepreneurship for aggregate economic development, Chapter 8: Entrepreneurship in mainstream growth theory, Chapter 9: The importance of entrepreneurship The empirical evidence, in Understanding Entrepreneurship: Definition, Function & Policy. Studentlitteratur, pp.121-161.

Naud, W. (2011). Entrepreneurship is Not a Binding Constraint on Growth and Development in the Poorest Countries. World Development, 39(1), 3344.