Editorial Assignment #2

Editorial Assignment #2

For this assignment, you will write an editorial article expressing your viewpoint on attachment styles. You will gather and use evidence through an interview, your own experience, and by reading a required article to back up and support your opinion on how attachment styles in childhood affect adult relationships.
Read the Exploration of Relationships lecture, and Chapters 7 and 8 in the eBook.

Evaluate the infant-mother relationship and understand the classifications of the three attachment styles: secure, anxious/ambivalent and avoidant.

Interview 1 person you know either in person or by phone asking them what their relationship was like with their parent, what attachment style they think they are, and how it affects their adult relationships (see a list of interview questions located on the EditorialAssignment_Instructions document attached to this dropbox). Please make sure that you don\’t use your participant\’s real names if they don\’t want you to. You can use aliases for them in your editorial instead.

Read the required \”Why Clingy Partners Cling\” article from Psychology Today to learn more about attachment styles.

After gathering evidence and brainstorming different ways these attachment styles from childhood affect adult relationships, write a 1-2 page editorial arguing your own viewpoint about childhood attachment styles and why it is important to understand how childhood attachments can affect us as adults.

Consider the following: Who is your audience? Do you want to write an editorial to parents alerting them to the importance of bonding with their child? Or do you want to write to adults in relationships? Remember to back up your own opinion by providing evidence from your sources and from your participant as well as yourself. Also, remember to add in a counter argument so that you can discuss another side of the argument.

Editorials need to be written in your own words so make sure you are not copying ANY information from sources. You will not need to provide in-text citations, but you will need to add your sources in APA style at the bottom of your editorial in a reference list. You might refer to a source in your editorial which is quite common when editors are writing their articles, but you should use your own words and you dont have to cite within your article.

Upload your completed article into the dropbox.
See the Schedule in the Start Here! Module for due dates and the Editorial Assignments Rubric attached to this dropbox for grading information.