Education Psychology

Critical Case StudyThis will require a critical awareness of the issues surrounding effectiveteaching and learning within the classroom (learning outcome 1), andbehavioural and emotional issues of students within schools (learningoutcome 2).The assessment will be through a psychology applied learning case study. You will be given a brief case study in which you are required to applyrelevant psychological theory to account for the situation that is occurring. The choice of case study will reflect the lecture topic i.e.motivation.-No more than 1500 words.-Use contemporary research to support the case study less than 10 years- I attached the file \’motivation case study\’ that contain the case study and help about how to write the assignment- I attached my notes-I attached the transcription of the lecture about the subject motivation- I attached my own analyse and theories about the case study that you can use, improve or inspire to write the assignments if you found them good- I added my references list that you can complete with yours that will support the assignment- I will add as well some journals that can help you tomorrow to not confuse you with what I sent you today.