Educational Behavioural Theories

Write a 1500-word essay in response to one of the quotes below. Reflect on what behaviour is and utilise one of the theories of behaviour that you have been introduced to in the unit to date. Discuss different behaviours displayed by students in learning environments and formulate reasons using a learning behavioural theory with examples where possible. Keep in mind there may be multiple contributing factors as to why different behaviours may occur.

1. The evidence is unequivocal children who have difficulty regulating their emotions, paying attention, initiating peer interactions and sustaining engagement in learning tasks are at risk for school difficulties. (Bulotsky-Shearer, Dominguez & Bell, 2012, p. 421)

n your essay you will need to:

define behaviour based on the theory you have chosen
demonstrate an understanding that behaviour is a socio-cultural construct
introduce the quote you have chosen and identify the behaviours displayed by students in a learning environment according to the quote
formulate reasons for these behaviours based on the theory you have chosen. Choose from the following learning behaviour theories:
Behavioural theory.
Humanist theory.
Cognitive theory.
Ecological theory.
Sociocultural theory.
When you approach your assignment, it is important that you examine the implications of mental health discussed in the quotes, but that you do not focus solely on the possible ramifications of mental health escalation. You are encouraged to use the topic of resilience and positive psychology to inform your response and connection to the theory you have chosen.