Either Question 1 or 2

1) What explains the existence of a surplus (i.e. incomes other than from labour: profit, interest, rent) in a capitalist economy? What factors influence the average rate of profit?
2) Compare neoclassical with classical, Marxian or post-Keynesian price/value theory.
How do they differ?
Which do you think gives the most satisfactory vision, and why?
Please pick ONE question from above for the essay and write 1500 – 1550 words.
5 references is required.The essay will be marked for:
1. answering the question(s): avoid tangents
2. development of argument: make a definite claim
3. effective use of evidence: back it up
4. critical scholarship: show you know the literature and can engage it
5. organisation and clarity of writing: make it clear and coherent
6. grammar, spelling, punctuation: give it a proofread
7. referencing (in-text and bibliography): document all your sources and keep it consistent