electrification of western society/DC-AC wars

Reflection about electrification of western society/DC-AC wars.
Watch the video on Edison and his involvement in electrification of the US.


The video is on Edison itself but from time markers: 30 to 47 and then 1.09 to 1:17 is when there is
discussion on the electrification.

Then read the article ( I will upload this )

I would like to have you write a 2-3 page reflection based on the above two references.
What do you think about how we have got to our current system? How could it have been
different and why? What do you think of the people involved and how they conducted
business. Would it have been different if it happened in modern times? Any parallels you see
in todays world?
The nature of this assignment is self-reflective and observational. I encourage you to share your
authentic thoughts and observations.