End of Life Care and Interprofessional Education

This discussion forum relates to 2 of the articles found in the module titlted \”End of Life Care: An Interprofessional Perspective\”. There are a total of 7 articles listed…the remaining 5 are for you to add to your personal library if you choose to do so…they are not considered required reading for the course. Below are questions for each of the 2 articles that each student should answer themselves and share among their case study group. Each student if also responsible for replying to a post from at least one of their classmates for each article. You will have until midnight on Monday, November 7 to post your thoughts.

Title of Article: Complexity of Palliative Care Demands IPE (Foxman, 2013)

1. How does your current (or most recent) place of employment compare with the interprofessional approch to palliative care at Richmond Hill Hospital?

2. What obstacles do you see to such an approach, and how might they be overcome?

Title of Article: Interprofessional Relationships and Communication in Primary Palliative Care (Mahmood-Yousef, Munday, King, and Dale, 2008)

1. The authors conclude that despite their efforts, hierarchal relationships continue to exist among healthcare providers. What impact do you believe such a hierarch has on staff\’s ability to provide appropriate care?

2. What are your suggestions for how to reduce the impact of such a hierarchy?