Essay about how data defines me

We want you to use specific examples of how data defines you (e.g. profiling e.g. as a terrorist, a
certain kind of shopper, a potential paedophile; or even the use of data by Spotify/Pandora to suggest
playlists for you). Choose two or three examples, no more. Your examples may be actual (i.e. you
may have been defined this way), or possible (you could be defined this way based on whats
happened to other people). Now, we want you to think about how the ways that data defines you could
be controlled. This will involve proposing strategies to try to overcome the influence of data, and/or
augment or game this data profiling – for example, think of gaming the system as establishing an
idealised persona.

Assessment Requirements
This assessment will be submitted into turnitin. You need to write 2000 words and use an APA
reference list. Your reference list is not counted in the word count.