you need t get the book;ONE based on Celeste Ng\’s \”Everything I Never Told You\” and write a 1-2pge essay here are the guodelines Instructions for Revision Analysis (250-500 words) in my essay i need an introdution,theses and three body paragraphs wirh three quotes.
here is a copy of my cover letter at i have wrote please attach it with the essayCover Letter on Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
After reading Everything I Never Told You, rereading this masterpiece was necessary to grasp finer details. The rereading of the work entailed going through questions on the work and making short notes for future reference.
The actual writing process of the essay involved, first, establishing a thesis, which would control the subject as well as summarize the overall idea of the essay in the introduction part. The second step was outlining the stages for the essay to help me focus on the ideas, have a smooth flow and transition of ideas, balance ideas and create as sense of essay entirety. The third step was writing the essay based on the thesis and the outline, which ensured that I have a clear idea without overhauling the essay. The conclusion of the paper summarized the ideas of the essay.
In writing the essay, I analyzed and elaborated ideas through incorporating original ideas along with textual evidence from the literary work in the form of quotations. The strength of the essay was establishing a narrowly focused thesis with clear idea. Nonetheless, the weakness in writing the essay was connecting the ideas with the thesis.
The elements of composition that I did well were the following. The elements had a short thesis, dividing the essay into an introduction, body, and conclusion, dividing the paragraphs based on ideas, presenting original information with textual evidence and using a third person perspective with short, straightforward sentences.
Works Cited
Ng, Celeste. Everything I Never Told You. New York: Penguin Press HC. 2014. Print.

? The revision analysis should be 250-300 words..

? Do not discuss surface level revisions; I can see these for myself. Instead,
1. Explain what deep-level revisions you have made improvements to thesis, organization, structure, and support.
2. Assess how these deep-level changes have improved the essay.
3. Evaluate what progress you have made as a writer as a result of revising your essay.