Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice week 11

1. List the role of a nurse while doing evidence collection?

2. Explain the role and purpose of OSHA and how an employer must comply to its rules and regulations.

3.What is collective bargaining? Also, what are the elements of a contract?

4.What is Corporate Liability? As a nurse, how do you view corporate liability?

5. What are your thoughts on unionization and collective bargaining?

6.Explain Vicarious Liability. Also, if an agency nurse is working in a hospital, as a contractor, and they make an error, who is liable?

7.According to your textbook, what are the steps listed on how to float safely?

textbook Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics.
Westrick, S.J. & Dempski, K (2019)
Jones & Bartlett Publishers; 1 edition (November 20, 2008)