Ethical Decision Making

Consider the questions below. You will then write a 1 to 2-page response paper outlining your thoughts. Please use APA format and appropriately cite any sources you may use.
Who has the right to make ethical decisions?
Ethical decision making is not the sole domain of the physician. Nurses along with a patient care interdisciplinary team may be better prepared and have more opportunities to discuss moral problems with patients and families.

Can you describe an instance in which the physician assumed the authority to make an ethical decision, denying nurses (and perhaps the patient and family) participation in the decision-making process?
What are your thoughts on involving an interdisciplinary team? Does this team approach improve patient and family outcomes?
If you feel you have an important contribution to make in a particular circumstance, and your opinion is not considered, how do you react?
How do you think nurses can overcome the strong heritage of subjugation?