Ethical dilemmas related to technology and sustainability


As described in the course outline, you are responsible for the development of a position paper on a business ethics issue.

Detailed below are the instructions for this assignment, which is worth 20% of your final grade for this course.


In this activity, you will synthesize the work you have done in Modules 1 to 4 in a position paper on a business ethics issue of your choice.


This is an individual writing assignment.

For this assignment, you will work individually in developing a formal report package that will include a title page, a well-designed table of contents, an APA-style references page, as well as visual/graphic components, headings and subheadings in proper format with appropriate cross-referencing.

To begin this project, find an online news article (from any reputable news magazine or newspaper) that discusses an ethical issue related to issues of sustainability and/or use of resources and/or business practices. Ideally, the article should suggest or point towards some sense of injustice or unethical practice that is open to some debate.

Based on a formal proposal that includes a link to the news article you read, your report should clearly present an exploration of the issue as well as a strong concluding section in which you detail clearly the ethical balancing of human, financial, and environmental concerns by way of proposing a process through which future questions in your focus area might be approached. The idea here is that you research the topic suggested by the news article, and in doing so, you attempt to get at the deeper, underlying issues that the article might suggest.

Format: There are two (2) components to this assignment:

Formal Research Proposal (5%) A one-page summary of the research you plan on pursuing. (Due March 23 – see dropbox in week 8)

Formal Research Report (15%) Minimum ten (10) pages (2500 words) to a maximum of twelve (12) pages (3000 words). (Due Nov 12)

All submissions will be double-spaced with a standard page-layout: one-inch margins (1\”) at the top, bottom, and on both sides of the text; and page numbers placed in the upper right-hand corner of the page, one-half inch (1/2\”) from the top.

Attach a title page on which you include the title of your essay, your name and student number, the course name and number, and the date of submission.

These are the instructions for the essay, the one for the proposal will be attached later