Evaluate and critique a Knowledge Management program or initiative.

evaluate and critique a Knowledge Management program or initiative. You may reuse the paper entitled: \”Determining Impact and ROI for Knowledge Management\” and other papers as you see fit to address this assignment. You can choose either an existing case study (e.g. documented corporate initiative) or an application in the business world (e.g. initiative where you work). Regardless of the source, the analysis must cover a number of the 5 key essential elements discusses below.The case/project you are going to analyze must:Address a particular business process.Include the utilization of an IT system.Include some indication of payoff for the initiative (e.g. productivity, efficiency) or lack thereof.You are required to calculate a rough approximation of whether the initiative is worth it, (e.g. do the costs justify the benefit?) You’ll need to approximate costs (e.g. labor and system issues) and payoff.Your analysis must address:Organizational and managerial aspects related to the employee integration into the project.A description of the IT system that is used in the KM initiative.Managerial and employee issues related to the implementation and utilization of the IT system.Most importantly your overall analysis should incorporate:Concepts covered in Davenport (listed on the course syllabus and other papers cited on the syllabus).The 4-quadrant model covered in class (see the paper by Sharma et al., (2007) “On the Use of a Diagnostic Tool For Knowledge Audits,” is reachable in the URL below; http://www.tlainc.com/articl145.htmPotentially the issue of transforming data into information which can enhance knowledge (if applicable).Determine what are the weaknesses of the initiative (how would you improve it?