Evaluate Violence and Aggression in Media

Evaluate Violence and Aggression in Media
For this task, you will discuss the nature-versus-nurture controversy when explaining an individuals likelihood to engage in aggressive behavior.
Specifically, select Robert De Niros 1990 movie Goodfellas and critically analyze it in terms of aggressive and violent content. Note that you are not being asked to analyze the value of the movie, but rather view, and assess it from the lens of a social psychologist interested in media violence and the impact that this has on subsequent behavior.
Prepare a chart (1-2 pages) in which you describe at least three scenes of violence in the program or movie you chose. Your chart should include the following:
Brief descriptions of three scenes of violence of aggression.
Identification of the aggressors age, gender, ethnicity, and other demographic variables.
Identification of the victims age, gender, ethnicity, and other demographic variables. Analysis of the outcome for aggressor and victim.
After you have completed the chart, write a paper (4-5 pages) that includes the following:
Describe how Banduras theory of observational learning could be used to support the nurture side of this argument.
What evidence is there for a direct link between exposure to media violence, living in a violent environment, and aggressive behavior (nurture)?
Why are the characteristics of the victim/aggressor important considerations when discussing Banduras theory of observational learning?
What is the evidence for a possible genetic link to aggressive behavior (nature)?
Conclude with your informed opinion as to which side of the argument you favor (nature versus nurture), and why, along with recommendations that you would you make to parents with regard to their children watching violent TV, movies, and video games.