Evaluating the Chrysler-Fiat auto alliance in 2012

– What is the report about ? It should include a short intro about the case, what management theories you will use to critically analyze the case.
– Use the following management theories: Discuss the dynamics of alliances and cross-border mergers and perform an industry analysis (global auto industry)

– The Case Questions ( Found in the attachments file name \”case.pdf\”, last page, 5 questions) you have to answer them and discuss.
– Critical analysis of the case using the management theories mentioned in the intro and the main findings.

– What are the ways to over come the weaknesses of the alliance between Fiat-Chrysler ?
– What could\’ve been done better to improve this alliance ?

References and citation:
10 journal articles
Harvard Style

Note: Use chapter 7 in the attachment for more information and help it\’s very useful