Evaluation of a Web-based Clinical Practice Guideline

Demonstrate the skill to determine if evidence-based practice websites are trustworthy enough to be used to promote patient health, quality care, and patient safety. It is very simple and easy to find clinical practice guidelines (CPG) on the web; however, it can be more difficult for nurses to critically evaluate and interpret guidelines accurately. Using the AGREE II instrument appraise an online clinical practice guideline:

It is best that you choose a clinical practice guideline that is most applicable to your clinical practice (past or present). Government and professional organizations (for example, AHRQ National Guideline Clearinghouse or the American Association of Critical Care Nurses) are excellent resources for you to use when searching for a clinical practice guideline.

Address the following using the online AGREE II tool and submit evaluation form in course assignment area by due date.

Part 1: Rating Scale of Each Domain (60 Points Total): Instructions

Rate each item for each domain. *Rating Scale (Refer to online AGREE II scoring guidelines for detailed explanation).

Based on your findings at your selected clinical practice guideline website give rationales for ratings of all items under each domain. Summarize key points from the online CPG that addresses each item. Rationales should also include a specific example (s) from the selected clinical practice guideline website for each item that support (s) your rating. Avoid the use of general statements, for example, authors did this or yes, it was present. Avoid copying and pasting large sections of the CPG in your evaluation.

Part 2: Summary of Overall Assessment of Clinical Practice Guideline Instructions:

Write a two paragraph summary in the space provided in the online AGREE II evaluation form that shows how you have judged the quality of the guideline, taking into account the criteria and your rationales for ratings considered in the assessment process. In addition, explain your rationale/reasoning as to whether you would recommend the use of the guideline in your practice (past or present). Include specific implications for your practice. Your answers should be substantive, in-depth, and scholarly. Cite references in your summary and include reference list (using APA format) at the end of your summary.


AGREE Next Steps Consortium (2009). The AGREE II Instrument [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://www.agreetrust.org