Evidence for nursing

just wanted to give you the details of my assignment. So it is a template that has 6 parts.PART 1: DEVELOPING A FOCUSED QUESTION AND ACQUIRING RELEVANT EVIDENCE (PICO QUESTION)To create a PICO question one of the three scenarios should be chosen and a relevant article should be selected for the chosen scenario to answer the questions in part 3.1- 4.2PART 2: EVIDENCE OF APPLICATION OF SEARCH STRATEGY (PLAN) IN DATABASE SEARCHESPART 3.1 APPRAISAL OF MY RANDOMISED CONTROLLED TRIAL WITH CONSIDERING WORD LIMIT FOR EACH QUESTIONPART 3.2 APPRAISAL OF MY CHOSEN QUALITATIVE ARTICLE WITH CONSIDERING WORD LIMIT FOR EACH QUESTION4.1 THE SUMMARY4.2 SYNTHESISING THE EVIDENCEI have attached all the articles that they provided with the three scenarios, the template, marking matrix.*This assignment is worth 50% of the subject.Thank you