\”Evil and the Devil are two different things. dfferenciate

\”Evil and the Devil are two different things. The Devil is how humans like to imagine evil, with horns and a tail. Evil is part of our personality. I\’ve never believed in occultism or the Devil, and I\’m not at all religious. I\’d rather read science books than something about occultism. When it comes to cinema, evil is simply a form of entertainment to me.\” (Roman Polanski)Tentative title:there is no way to escape, Imagination reflects fear in our heart ( you could make this title more precisely in thinking about the boundary between reality and imaginary is blur in Polanski\’s film)Note: It is important to keep your sentence structure clear in this paper. please avoid using difficult or complex words.1. film that you should take into account: knife in the water (1962), repulsion(1965),rosemary\’s baby (1968), The tenant (1976) [find the similarities across these films)2. demostarte a familiarity with the work of Roman Polanski to explains your research questions.3. use the contacts necessary to analyze semantic and formal aspects of Polanski\’s films.4.