Examine Frankenstein, Prometheus subtitle, and Paradise Lost and Discuss Victor Frankenstein and the role of men.

This is a 5-7 page, primary and secondary sourced paper that includes 3-5 secondary academic sources in addition to the primary source or sources that constitute the focus of the argument.

TOPIC: Discuss both Victor Frankenstein and the monster as doubles in relation to the Milton quotation from Paradise Lost and the Promethean subtitle. This consideration should arrive at an argument that considers men\’s role in society and how power affects men\’s apprehension of their roles.

You must use MLA for formatting, in-text documentation, and works cited as you explore a specific and significant argument, not a discussion, in a formal tone. Works Cited page, not included in the 5 page essay, must include URL in the citation when using an online resource.

NO run on sentences or repetition of ideas to extend sentences or paragraphs

Clich- Avoid use of these sorts of thingsIn this modern world, big things to come, no rhyme or reason, a dream job.

Primary or PRI- The primary source or sources MUST be used and documented within the essay to prove the argument

Supp- General claims must always be supported with specific evidence

Title- Titles must inform the reader of the specifics of the forthcoming argument. Often a subtitle is called for to clarify.