Expalin the Changes in American Society Since 1877

Society Consists of different cultures and works together to form a positive outcome and has different social relationships.

Within Course Mini-Colloquium Series Presentation Grading Rubric

The Within Course Mini-Colloquium Series Presentation or Brief may be created by each student alone or by two students working together as a team. This presentation or Brief is worth 100 points of the course grade. Each student or team will work on doing the research, analysis, and creation of the Power Point presentation that will be posted in Within Course Mini-Colloquium Series Forum located in the Class Discussion area of our online classroom.
Full points for each presentation:

I. Full Presentation points:

Each class member chooses three concepts from our class concept list found in the Course Materials area of our online classroom. These three concepts will serve as the filter for analyzing the data and its components (see concept Lecturettes 1-7, found in each of the Learning Modules).
Presentation must include an analysis of relevant data found by the student or team\’s research on the chosen topic. Relationships between the ideas presented must be clearly stated.
Ideas need to be expressed in a clear, and coherent manner using proper grammar, spelling and good writing form References for materials used or quoted must be cited following APA style.
Additional references or visuals (pictures) used must be cited in the bibliography of sources used for the presentation using APA format.
Power Point slide presentation created as a Within Course Mini-Colloquium Series Presentation or Brief must not exceed ten slides, excluding a title slide, presenters names, and Bibliography. Each slide of the presentation should not include more than ten lines of text and may also include maps, graphs, pictures and/or graphics.
The final slide should include a brief summary.

Points deducted for each of the following:

Inadequate research and/or analysis of material covered in the specific topic under study. (20 point deduction).
Poor and unclear expression of analysis in the presentation (20point deduction).
Lack of proper reference citation and/or failure to cite references using APA style. (20 point deduction).
Presentations that do not include; title, names of presenter or presenters, and brief summary. (20 point deduction).
Presentation that do not provide substantive content and analysis on the topic under study. (20 point deduction).
Ideas that are poorly expressed which are: unclear, lack coherence, ramble, or exhibit significant grammatical, spelling and/or writing errors (slang, off-hand comments, or word contractions are not acceptable).
(20 point deduction).
Failure to include a bibliography of sources used to answer the question is to be provided using APA format. (25 point deduction).