Experimental Research: Effects of Modality of Presentation on Recall: Visual vs. Auditory

This is an experimental research type paper. A study was conducted to test participants recall differences depending on the modality of presentation of a list of 15 words. The same 15 words were either presented in a visual form, where participants were able to VIEW/READ them, or in an auditory format, in which participant were able to HEAR the words read aloud. The sample size was of 51 undergraduate students attending California State University, Northridge. (more descriptive statistics like age, sex, and level of education are included in the attached papers.) There were 26 participants in the visual group and 25 participants in the auditory group. (all of this information and more statistical info is included in the attached copies of the T-Test Outputs) The paper must state that this was a \”between subjects design\”.Paper must be written in APA psychology format and include the following:1. title page2. abstract page3. intro section (3-5 pages long) where research and other studies from listed sources are discussed4. methods section5. participants section (included participant statistic breakdown included in attachments)6. materials section (list of 15 words either read aloud by an experimenter, or presented in a visual format through a computer and projected onto a projection screen)7. procedure section (materials & procedure section should be about a page long together)8. results section (with the included results information i attached, no statistical significant difference in recall)9. discussion section (discussing the implication of this experiment, interpreting the results, state that the results rejected my hypothesis, how this study differs from previous ones and ones included in into section, give recommendations for future studies continuing on this subject, and finally how this can help people live better and learn better like engaging in and presenting both modalities to students and patients.)10. reference section in APA formatting, alphabetical order (there should be 8-10 references with theories of the tested material) (1 can be published in the 1900\’s but the rest should be 2003 or more recently published)*pages must be numbered*there should be a running head with the title*Title should be: Effects of Modality of Presentation on Recall: Visual vs. Auditory*grammer and wording must be clear and correct of course & must be 100% original and plagiarism free