Explain Intergovenmental Relations

MAPA 5311 Intergovernmental Relations. Learning Objectives.Networked Governance The Future of Intergovernmental Management (Meek and Thurmaier).I need the following discussion question answered with a short answer response. Here are the instructions for the discussion questions.Discussion Board: You are expected to read, engage online and demonstrate familiarity with and understanding of the reading material provided with each module. Each week you will have an assigned discussion topic related to the topic of the week. You will be asked to make an initial response to the discussion prompt of 6-8 sentences, followed by a minimum of two additional posts which are in response to posts by other students (approximately 4-5 sentences each).Robert Agranoff\’s chapter on managing externalization requests public managers to organize the \”inside game\” so as to operate \”outside the agency.\” He suggests this can be accomplished by calibrating organizational strategy, culture, structure, and systems for the needs of the marketplace. Agranoff offers the following seven strategies or practice principles that can contribute to collaborative management:1. Organizing Structures to Maximize Connections2. Understanding Interjurisdictional Politics3. Promoting and Partnering in Networks4. Attracting and Maintaining a Creative Human Resource Base5. Joint Knowledge, Knowledge Management6. Supporting the Construction of Communities of Practice7. Dealing with Citizen EngagementIdentify an Intergovernmental Management (IGM) project that relies upon a network of actors and actions for a particular intended outcome. Briefly describe that outcome and the IGR context of your IGM project. Next, discuss the applicability of Agranoff\’s seven strategies to your example. Once again, the example you select should be relevant to this course, and you are expected to academically challenge at least two of your classmates as they post their own examples.I will attach the reading material NG Chapter 8 and a few student’s responses to this discussion question. Please just select two and reply to their response.For whatever reason I can not attach the reading material or responses. If someone will email me I will forward the material, via email.