Explain Leadership role in a performance improvement plan or a change process

Aim of assessmentThis assessment aims to apply the principles of effective leadership and change theory to a change strategy or performance improvement plan in the health care sector. THe assessment asks students to consider the implications for capacity building and both personal and organisational level and the ways in which workplace culture may enhance or hinder the achievement of sustainable change outcomes. Students are asked o consider he role of he leader in developing workplaces that are flexible and able to meet the demands for change.Critical Analysis of the role of the leader in a workplace changeCritically discuss the role of the leader in facilitating any change process in the workplace. This could be discussed in relation to a health related area but could more generally examine the components of sustainable change and the role of the leader and leadership styles. Use of relevant literature is expected.This could include:- the role of the leader in change processes- workplaces culture and its relevnace to workplace change- the importance of consideration of the organisation\’s vision, mission and strategic goals when considering workplace change- analysis of a change theory and its importance in the planning and implementation of any change- the barriers and facilitators to the success of this change and how the leader can manage these.