Explain reflection on career development class

I choose finance as subject area just it’s my major. This is the final reflection on a career development class.During the class. I have learned: Communication in the Workplace including the Body Language/Speech and tools used to communicate and make a presentation;Dress in workplace especially for interview and career fair;Types of interview skills required in interview;Writing resume and cover letter;Job search strategies;Networking for job fair and job search;Personality and strength which benefit job search and career;Values of social media for job search. Such as LinkedIn and its impact of having an online presence;Define and explore the idea of values and motivators as they relate to “career”.Paper instruction:Reflective practice is an important component of career development. The purpose of this final paper is for you to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself in this class by answering the following questions:•How have you connected your passion to your purpose in your search for meaningful work? How might this align with the mission and values of an employer of your choice?•Why should an employer select YOU instead of hundreds of other applicants in the pile? What strengths and value will you bring to an employer? Be specific.•What does mentorship mean to you, and what do you believe are effective strategies for finding mentors in one’s professional career?Assignment should be typed in 11 or 12-point font and double spaced with 1” margins. If outside sources are cited, please format using MLA or APA guidelines. See Grading Rubric for additional guidance and clarity on expectations.No cover page is necessary. Please include your name, date and class section day and time (e.g. MW 10:25) on the top right hand corner of the front page. Also include the word count at the end of your essay.You will be assessed against the following (see the rubric for additional information): CONTENT – Are your answers appropriate to the questions?ORGANIZATION – Does your essay have a clear sense of order? Are your points presented in a logical fashion?DEVELOPMENT – Do you develop each point with details and support with examples? Have you answered these questions completely?USE OF LANGUAGE – Have you used language appropriately and correctly? Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?