Explain Relationships between body, dress and furniture

This would be for a chapter of a dissertation. The course is documenting fashion and the main theme of the paper assigned is to study the relationships between the body, dress and furniture (specially the chair) during mid twentieth century America and/or Europe (and the so called mid century modern design). I\’ve attached a brief dissertation \”plan\” and preliminary bibliography for more information, as well as the tutor\’s comments on it and recommendations on bibliography. I\’ve also attached captures of the book \”The Chair\”, recommended as one of the best studies about it, which unfortunately is not available online. The pdf\’s attached are part ofd the bibliography, otherwise, the available books are linked on the bibliography.My tutor has suggested to divide the dissertation in 3 parts, as \”small case studies or mini essays\”, but I\’ll leave this decision to the writer. I\’d like to continue with the remaining of the paper with the same water if possible. I\’d just want to do it in parts (so I can pay separately).Please do let me know if there is a need to purchase any article and I will do. Also, please feel free to contact me, at any time, via email or phone.Many thanks in advance for helping with this in this hard time for me, I really appreciate it.Best, D