Explain the relationships with older people changes as a result of learning about aging?

It requires to reveal personal thoughts about life experiences in relation to the content you are learning about in Pathway Through Adulthood Unit (Text book: The Journey of Adulthood – Barbara R. Bjorklund)Required to provide a great capacity to self-reflect and provide evidence of reflecting on personal growth as well as academic gains. Personal meaning reached are required well articulated.Reflect on personal beliefs about older people and the aging process and review these in light of current research evidenceTask Achievement: Communication, Critical thinking, Global Citizenship These following questions are guide to help you organise your thinking:1) What were your main assumptions about aging before you began this unit?2) Have your assumptions changed over the course of this unit, and if so, how?3) What personal insights have you gained from learning about aging?4) Have any or your relationships with older people changes as a result of learning about aging?5) Any final remarks?There are 4 resources for this reflective writing:Bain, JD, Ballantyne, R, Mills, C & Lester, NC 2002, Reflecting on practice: student teachers\’ perspectives, Post Pressed, Flaxton Qld.Williams K, Woolliams, M, & Spiro, J 2012, Reflective writing, Palgrave Macmillan, New York.Other useful resourcesUniversity of N.S.W. – Reflective writingUniversity of Canberra – What is reflective writing? (please not that reference must be using Harvard Reference academic style)