Explain the role of your theorist\’s principles ,

instructions:Write an 7 page argumentative essay that responds to one (or more) of the key works encountered up till this point of the semester by relating it to a major contemporary debate. Articulate the parameters of the debate, pick a side and back up your position Select one of the debates listed below. You research should bring out the specifics of the debate and related events.To be clear your thesis should be an argument you are making. You can then defend your argument using principles you agree with or disagree with in the work of a theorist we have encountered e.g. Rousseau, Marx etc. In other words, I am not asking what the theorist in question would have thought but what you think and how you can defend your position using the theorist\’s principle.topic i picked: Should universities such as UC Berkeley keep speakers whose views are considered abhorrent or dangerous off campus? Use specific examples. (ex. pick examples from recent incidents, like UC Berkeley protesting Milo Yiannopoulos and NYU students protesting Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes)course reading include:1. Rousseau,Jean-Jacques.1762.OntheSocialContract(DoverThriftEdition).ISBN 97804864269212. Burke,Edmund.1790.ReflectionsontheRevolutioninFrance.(PenguinClassics)ISBN 97801404320463. Paine, Thomas. 1791. Rights of Man (Dover Thrift Edition). ISBN 97804864089344. Mill,JohnStuart.1859.OnLiberty(DoverThriftEditions2002)ISBN 97804864213085. Marx, Karl. 1848. The Communist Manifesto (Norton Critical Editions 2012) 97803939356086. Freud, Sigmund. 1930. Civilization and its Discontents. (Norton 2010) ISBN 9780393304510Sources You should draw on contemporaneous accounts from news sources to draw the outline of the events prompting the debate; however, your primary task is to engage with one of the main texts we’ve encountered in this class and at least two additional academic sources. Academic sources are either academic books or peer-reviewed journals. This requires you to do library research and not just a Google search. Use library databases like JSTOR and Proquest, as well as the library catalog, Bobcat.Format You are to utilize a standard 12-point font and double space your pages. You are required to follow the MLA citation style. Guidelines for the MLA citation style can be found in most good Writing Guides or online resources like the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). Additionally, I have uploaded a sample MLA paper to the \”Resources for Writing\” folder on NYU Classes.bibliography: Submit a bibliography that matches the guidelines laid out for the research paper. In addition to the course reading or readings you\’ve chosen to engage with (e.g. Rousseau, Marx etc.), you should have a minimum of 2 academic sources. An academic source is a book published by an academic press or an article in a peer-reviewed journal. It will have citations, footnotes, and a bibliography. It is the product of the author\’s original research and engages with existing scholarship.In addition to the required academic sources, you can use news sources, films etc. to provide background information on your paper topic.instructions for the flow of the essay:your introduction should do the following:1. Introduce the reader to topic you will be addressing.2. Explain why the topic is important (in other words why should the reader keep reading?)3. Stake a position using a thesis statement.4. Explain the role of your theorist\’s principles in support of your position.The body of your essay (and therefore your outline) should do the following:1. Provide evidence for your thesis/claim1. Assign a paragraph to each bit of evidence2. Address counterargumentsYour conclusion (include in outline form) should do the following: 1. Not provide any new information2. Revisit the thesis in light of the evidence just presented.3. Reinforce the importance of the thesis.