Explain what sources of finance are available for small to medium sized companies and explain why they sometimes face difficulties in raising finance.

Here are some points that will help you:
1. Write clearly and concisely.
2. The above reference is a starting point. You will need to do your own research and find further references yourself in order to write a fully developed essay.
3. Use examples of companies if you can find them.
4. Use other data and evidence to support your arguments. A purely theoretical piece will not be appropriate for this essay.
5. I dont mind what evidence or what companies you choose to incorporate in your essay. Simply justify your choice. You do not need to check with me if your choice of company is appropriate.
6. In order to get high marks you will have to demonstrate that you have undertaken fairly wide-ranging research, evidenced your comments and observations, and have been able to synthesise all of this in the space available. A key part of your assignment concerns the quality of the evidence you provide.
7. Always focus in your writing on what is required in the essay.