ExplainThe impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on Corporate image

Thises CH3: Methodology

The research method I will use in this research is an Illustrative case study.
Who or what will you select to include or participate in this study? Why?

Utilize Coca-Cola company as one of the top community services investors in the world. The reason to choose it is that based on the initiatives around the world and it is a great example how the (CSR) impact the corporate image.

Note that: I need the writer to complete this order in perfect way and as Academic Theses by following the outline below:
1) Introduction ( half page): why I choose the case study as method to research this topic ( how is beneficial in this kind of cases)
the writer should reference academic sources to support his points.
2) the history of Coca-Cola (1page): and recent position as leading company
– why I choose Coca-cola company as a case study?
– how is the data I may get about Coca-cola will support my theses?
3) the Tactics of the research(1 & half page): How will I collect, store, and organize the data?
– How will you analyze your data? Interpret it?
– The companys activity (choose one event to focus on) .
– PR coding: all data and posts about the activities related to research topic
– Analyze all the data I have to justify the impact of CSR on the corporate image through analyzing an event they did and see before and after what happen? What changed?

Note: I will attach a research method model to understand the tactics will be used.