Explanation of your Nonprofit(Eastern Folk Music Center)

you will be \”forming\” your won arts and cultural Michigan nonprofit corporation, named \”Eastern Folk Music Center\”.

Written Explanation of your Nonprofit
1, Name if your organization
2, Contact information for your organization(address, phone, fax, email, website)
3, What the community where your nonprofit is based looks like (e.g., are there are a large number of other arts and cultural organizations? Is it a business-friendly community? Is it a college town?) and how your organization will fit in to this landscape (e.g., is there a \”demand\” for this type of organization? Are there other sources of entertainment for the community that may serve as competition? )
4, Board of Directors (include a very brief bio for each board member – e.g., \”John Doe is a Lansing, Michigan-based attorney specializing in estate planning and probate. Mr. Doe also serves on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity Lansing.\”)
5, Mission, vision, and purpose of the organization
6, Communities and populations served
7, Programs and services the organization will engage in
8, Members – what a typical member may look like(demographics); how you will attract and retain (member benefits)
9, Donors
10……..(in additional files)