Exploring Justiice

All assignment details are below:
This is a written assignment titled Exploring Justice, fairness and national sustainability in the international environment. This assignment will discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, a trade agreement signed on 4 February 2016 among twelve Pacific Rim countries. The assignment will address the impact the agreement is expected to have on the 12 economies. Though there has been generally support from the governments of the 12 participating countries, there have been criticisms about the agreement and bad publicity. You are to write a critical essay on the TPP and its effects on regional and global trade.
The Assessment is a 6000-word case study (not including references, diagrams and tables) and students should follow academic referencing protocol. Please see The Harvard Style document in Black Board. Some useful references will be provided. However, students are encouraged to seek library sources to gain access to suitable literature review material. Assignments should be proof read for grammar and syntax errors.
Assessment Criteria (60%)
1. Abstract 200 words
2. Introduction 500 words
3. Literature review, the topic could include (a) importance on trade (b) effect on foreign investment, (c) relations to other trade/regional agreements (d) impact on sensitive industries, such as agriculture, intellectual property, and services (e) what is fair and just and to whom and why in this agreement? (d) how sustainable is this agreement and the nature of long term relations for mutual benefit 2500 words
4. Country analysis (Groups 1 to 3: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and USA; Groups 4 to 6: Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam) – Be critical and access the internet for recent happenings to update historical facts in the case study with recent and current reporting. Engage concepts of justice, fairness, and nations economic development to provide a robust base for the discussion. 1500 words
5. Discussion provide an engaging discussion by incorporating the country analysis with the literature review in providing explanation to the theme of fair and just. The discussion should provide answers to real world problems? 1000 words
6. Implications for international business in practice – 300 words
7. References minimum 15 reference articles from journals (2005 year onwards) and also internet www.