Expository speech

Write and present an expository speech (4-5 minutes) which explores the issue of youth representation, drawing on evidence from two films.
Your exposition (analysis) will compare and contrast the representations of youth in two films and draw conclusions based on your findings. Your conclusions will be about the impact that these youth representations have on a film audience and people in society generally adults and youth.

the movie are \”the maze runner\” and \”bend it like beckham\”

You must draw on specific examples from the films you have chosen and explain them to the audience. Consider and discuss youth representation in the:
? Plot and genre of the film
? Characterisation attitudes, beliefs and values of characters
? Stereotypes (eg. superficial teen, stupid teen, sarcastic and intellectual teen, geek, juvenile delinquent, beauty queen, drama queen)
? Adult responses to teenagers in the film
? Costuming and makeup
? Elements of cinematography used to impact the audience in specific scenes of the film
(eg. shot sizes, framing, symbolism, non-diegetic sound/background music)

Basic Outline of an Expository Speech: LEAD-IN, FOCUS, BODY, LEAD-OUT
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter (LEAD-IN)
B. Significance (of topic to audience)
C. Thesis Statement (FOCUS)
D. Preview main points
E. Reinforce Thesis (rephrase)

II. The Main Body (BODY) P.E.E.L structure for each Point
At least three main points (5-8 sentences for each)
Topic Sentence of each paragraph states the main point
Develop point according to P.E.E.E.L. structure:
Point, Explanation, Evidence, Evaluation, Link to thesis
Last sentence of each paragraph should LINK your discussion to thesis (reinforce/restate thesis)

III. Conclusion (LEAD-OUT)
A. Review of main points
B. Final statement should also link back to Intro. A thought-provoking ending is effective.