Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, the real story and luck behind all the success and money. Whole essay should be based off my thesis and paragraphs should be in order with my thesis.

PLEASE use this as first intro paragraph (below)Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. He is considered an icon because he created an entirely new way to communicate over the internet. Facebook was created February 4, 2004, initially the website was created to membership in Harvard, and half of the University registered to the website. The Facebook founders didn’t expect to get a big response they got 1 million users just from the beginning, and now the numbers of people who are using the Facebook are almost 1.11 billion. Zuckerberg is the youngest Billionaire in the world and that is due to his challenging work and determination to be successful. That is not the whole truth, Facebook has become so successful because of when it was launched, the luck in which technology grew with it, and Zuckerberg’s luck in the courtroom.The essay should be based off my THESISFIRST BODY PARAGRAPH= when facebook was lauched and link that with the making of first iphone and how it was lucky it was an instant hit.SECOND BODY PARAGRAPH= The luck in which technology grew with facebook, iphones,ipads, laptops,tv\’s ext…THIRD BODY PARAGRAPH= zuckerbergs luck in the courtroom how he got away with stealing someone elses idea and making in to his own.CONCLUSION= no new ideas or topics should be brought up in conclusion please.AXES PARAGRAPHS FOR THE ESSAY PLEASE