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Introduction and background notes (vocational context) As a new graduate in Health and Social Care you must understand the factors for change in health and social care services and the practices for evaluating and facilitating change. To do so you will be able to understand the factors that drive changes in health and social care services; you should also be able to evaluate recent changes in health and social care services and finally you must understand the principles of change management.

What you must do

Task 1: LO1 Understand the factors that drive change in health and social care services)


Denise is the manager of Local Action for the Disabled (LAD) which is an organisation that runs residential care homes and other services for people with learning disabilities. The local authority has decided to move from residential care to supported living so the LAD care homes will need to be closed and Denise will need to oversee the change from residential care provision to independent and supported community-based living for the residents.

She has been asked by her manager to ensure that the homes are closed and the current residents are moved to appropriate accommodation; to avoid negative publicity about the closure of the homes and identify and redeploy suitable members of staff from the residential care service to support the residents when they move into the new tenancies.

There have been previous attempts to move from the residential home, but they were not successful. Denise knows that different stakeholders such as the residents, their families, the staff have various views. Its a challenging task, she has to manage the process of change for the service users, the staff and the management board. Some of the staff are really keen on the idea of supported living. But others are concerned about the people they care for being abandoned. Some of the residents are all for being supported in a more independent lifestyle. Others feel safe within the residential homes. For them, the idea of supported living is scary. When LAD tried this kind of change before, it didnt work because residents and families were not convinced that it was a good idea.
(Adapted from SCIE Website)

Using the case study above, demonstrate that you understand the factors that drive change in Health and Social Care Services.

1. Explain the following key factors (Politics, Economic, Social, Technology, Environment and Legal Aspects) that drive change in health and social care services as applied to the case scenario.

2. Assess the challenges that key factors of change bring to health and social care services.

To achieve D2, substantial activities, projects or investigations have been planned, managed and organised when explaining key factors, e.g. Demographic and cultural factors: ageing population, minority ethnic community needs, etc, that drive change in health and social care services as applied to the case scenario.

Please use Harvard style referencing throughout work and base work in the UK health and social care industry. Thank you.