Factors Associated With Mainstreaming Students Who Exhibit E.D. Behaviors From Self-Contained Classes is the paper topic.

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05:46:52 AM [Visitor] This following sections needs to be greatly expanded using preferably with American English and citing a number of American studies (when possible) to set up an argument for my study. Review what currently exists in America and elsewhere to verify whether or not there is current research that can serve as a guide to teachers, counselors, and administrators when placing SWDs in general education classrooms. The basis of my study is to prove that some sort of guide for teachers, counselors, and administrators would be beneficial when placing SWDs in general education classrooms.
Role of Educator in Identification and Referring Students With Disabilities
Gargiulo (2010) observes teachers or paraprofessionals are usually the ones who identify and provide support to students with emotional and or behavioral disorders. Individuals with emotional disabilities are difficult to objectively identify and classify (Inclusive Settings, 2012). Consequently, there is often reluctance on the part of school personnel to label a child emotionally disturbed (Kaufman, J. & Schmidt, N., 2005). Schools and teachers play a significant role in the identification of emotional and or behavioral concerns with a student.
Parent Role
Parents can support the SWD with counseling, talking to him/her and also encouraging them. In addition to working along with the teachers for effective adjustment.
Need a section on counselors since they are one of my study groups.