Feminist Social Work & Anti-Oppressive Practices & Empowerment

Now that you have read the articles & watched the videos on Feminist Social Work & Anti-Oppressive Practices & Empowerment, please respond to the following:

In light of the trend toward globalization and the increase in people\’s rights in the US, including those who have newer freedoms, such as minorities and women, and in light of legislative and judicial acts like the Equal Pay Act and Marriage Equality laws, do you believe that empowerment, anti-oppressive, and feminist perspectives and practice are still relevant?
Please provide some examples to justify your beliefs – and be sure to cite the information related to your examples (please do not use personal examples, rather, use examples from modern history)
As a practicing social worker, how might one incorporate feminist, empowerment, and anti-oppressive practices in their work with clients and client systems?
include at least one scholarly* reference. References and in-text citations are to be done in correct APA 6th edition style