Fieldwork Analysis

The objective of this assignment is to make connections between what you observe in the field and the evidenced-based practices we have been discussing in class. I recommend you take notes (during or immediately after each visit) of your fieldwork placement visits. You may find doing 2-column notes are helpful (observation + interpretation).

You will begin with a brief description of your fieldwork placement to contextualize your analysis (e.g., grade of students, number of students, content area, course/type of course (AP, CP, general), whatever else may be helpful for me to know)

Your analysis paper will synthesize the strengths and areas of improvement you noted in your fieldwork placement based on your observations and discussion with your mentor.

Your synthesis will be evaluative-meaning, you will draw specific connections between your fieldwork placement observations and the course content/readings we have done this semester!

You must cite course readings. (You need to work the complex text to be disciplinary experts)
Be sure to address these key ideas.
1. What were the teachers literacy expectations of the students? What texts were students reading, and why were these texts selected? (This requires a discussion with the mentor teacher.)
2. If at all, how did the teacher help activate or build background knowledge?
3. If at all, how did the teacher help build vocabulary knowledge?
4. If at all, how did the teacher create opportunities for students to return to important text information throughout the lesson?
5. If at all, how did the teacher foster discussion about comprehension strategies and complex text?
6. If at all, how were the comprehension strategies tailored to meet the needs of the content area?
7. If at all, how were students prepared to use comprehension strategies independently to support their learning?
8. To what degree, did the teacher implement the gradual release of responsibility model?
9. To what degree, did the teacher differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities and ELLs?

Be sure to provide concluding remarks on the take-home messages from your fieldwork placement.

****Heres my placement description: I did my observation in L High School, my mentor is Ms. V, who teaches Algebra. I observed her first and second block classes. There are 25 9th grade students in her second block class. 10 students with special needs, 3 English Language Learners, 6 students with medical assistance.

Field Placement Notes
Observation Interpretation
Day 1 Quiz Day
-two different versions of Quiz A&B
-teacher reads the directions to the class twice
-students ask questions if they dont understand
-students receive extra 5 minutes if needed -some students have hard time understand the meaning of math text
-their ability of reading complex text needs to increase
Day 2 Hybrid Class teaching
students are divided in to three groups, they are Direct, Group, Independent. They will rotate every 15-20 minutes.
-In the Direct, students are learning from the teacher. In Group work, they will work in a group of 2-3 for their group project. In independent study, they will use laptops to login and work on online assignments.
-Teacher provides vocabulary sheet for students to write down the vocabularies
-Teacher incorporate math text in problems
-Teacher explain to the students step by step how to solve the problems
-Students have opportunities to discuss in the group work
-Students have troubles concentrating in class
Day 3 Hybrid Class teaching

Day 4 Hybrid Class teaching

Day 5 Hybrid Class teaching

Day 6 Hybrid Class teaching

Please write a complete paper using the field placement notes as a guide, be sure address all the key ideas listed above, and relate to the attached course readings, thank you!