Film Critical Response

1. Film Critical Response Paper on Exodus (1 hour and 54 min.)The primary focus of this film paper assignment is to thoroughly summarize the content of the documentary, Exodus, providing specific examples from the film for illustration. In your conclusion, make sure to address the historical significance of the content of this documentary.To view the PBS Frontline documentary film, Exodus (2016), see: information from the film itself only, to directly quote or paraphrase the material –you must provide a citation in the following format:1) As stated in the film by a Syrian migrant who had just arrived on the shores of Greece: “We had no other choice” (Exodus 55:00).*Do not use Wikipedia, Spark Notes or any other source such as these for your paper or you will automatically earn an “E” on the assignment. Please do not consult additional sources beyond the film itself or your textbook. Remember, the paper is your critical thinking on the significant ongoing world history issue of global human migration by analyzing the documentary film, Exodus.*As this paper is an historical analysis of the film, do not use the following language: “I think,” or “I believe,” or “I feel,” or “In my opinion,” etc. Instead, use the following phrasing: “The film demonstrates,” or “The film illustrates,” or “The film suggests,” or “The director shows,” etc.*The following format structure is to be followed: Your paper should be 2 pages, typed and double-spaced, using 12 point, Times or Times New Roman font only, with 1 inch margins. In the top left-hand corner of the first page, only include your name, the date, and the title of the class (HIST 113), all single-spaced. If you would like to provide a title, feel free to do so.