Pretend that someone is prepared to offer you $500,000 to make a fifty-minute documentary film on a topic of your choice (the only limitation is that the film cannot be about you) if we select a proposal that you submit.

Your separatedocument should be typed and double-spaced, and should follow MLA style. Please do not repeat the questions; just indicate the question number to which you are responding.
1. What is the tentative title of your film?
2. What is your film about? Please provide a brief description (approximately one substantial paragraph).
3. Why is this topic important enough to be the subject of a film (i.e., who should care and why)? Where do you hope to screen it (e.g., movie theaters, broadcast television, cable television, direct-to-video, Internet streaming) and why? Please write about one substantial paragraph for each of the two parts of this question.
4. Which of the four tendencies of documentary film described by Michael Renov in ch. 2 of his book, Theorizing Documentary, will your film possess? (It can possess more than one tendency.) Discuss, in one substantial paragraph or two substantial paragraphs, why and how your film will embody that tendency (or those tendencies) which you have identified and not the others.
5. In one substantial paragraph or two substantial paragraphs, please explain what makes your film a documentary.

Will your film bear any resemblance to other documentary films that you might have seen, say, in a documentary film class? If so (and it should be so), describe, in one substantial paragraph or two substantial paragraphs, the similarities and why that film or those films will be (a) good model(s) for your film.
7. Please write one substantial paragraph or two substantial paragraphs about the way(s) in which your film will fit into the American documentary film tradition. In other words, how does it build upon the previous ninety years of American documentary films in terms of content, approach, style, or philosophy?

8. if we fund your project, you will be able to hire experts in cinematography, editing, and so forth, so we do not require a detailed description of the technical aspects of your film. However, we would like an idea of what your film will look and sound like. In one substantial paragraph or two substantial paragraphs, please describe, in general, non-technical terms, some of the formal (visual, audio, and transition) elements of your film as you imagine them, and explain briefly how each of the elements you mention will contribute to the purpose of the film as you described it in previous items.

Have any documentaries been made on a subject closely related to your topic? If not, please indicate where you looked to find out. If so, name one of them and give a one-paragraph summary of how well the film was received in film reviews (if any) and whether any academic scholarship has been written on the film. You do not need to summarize the scholarly article(s), but please give bibliographic information for one of the articles or, if there were none, please indicate where you looked (which databases and when you conducted your searches)