Film proposal essay

Write a film proposal in which you seek to persuade the head of a film studio to make a film about an overlooked hero from history.
You must incorporate information from at least five outside sources.
At least three of them must be academic sources found in the Sojourner Truth Library.
Academic search complete or gale virtual reference library.
You may use information from perhaps one or two websites.
Follow MLA 8 formatting guidelines closely:
1) In-text citations
2) A works cited page.
In addition to supplying your side of the argument and evidence in support of your claim, you must mention the other side\’s argument and provide a rebuttal (see below).
Possible Outline:
Proposing an Film about a Person Introduction:
Introduce yourself to the studio head or film producer.
Identify the problem. No feature film has been made about this person.
Basic Claim: [Studio name] should produce a film about ______ because ________________.
Identify Person the film is about:
The Basics (Occupation? Dates? Location? Etc. )
Reason IReason 2Reason 3
What will the central message or theme of this film be? Is this an uplifting story of redemption, for example, or a depressing tale of death? Or…Actor(s)Who are you proopsing to play the protagonist(actor)? Why?Possible Objections + Your RebuttalConclusion: Why is it time for this film? Why will audiences come to the film? Why is the film assured to make money and/or to garner critical acclaim?
Synthesize information from your outside sources in these paragraphs. In this section, you must use at least two different sources in each paragraph.This is the “heart” of your essay and where you will demonstrate what you have learned about the person.Also note: You must use all five sources when writing your essay.No feature film has ever been about Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. Bhutto was assassinated by a suicide bomber on December 27, 2007 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan (“Benazir”). Showtime networks should produce a film about Benazir Bhutto because of her outstanding accomplishments. Some of Bhutto’s most lasting accomplishments in Pakistan was “[The empowerment of women by extending education opportunities, and making dramatic reforms in women’s rights” (Bennett 72).Include final sentence and make any changes necessary to this paragraphworks cited so farWorks Cited“Benazir Bhutto Assassinated.” CNN, Cable News Network, 27 Dec. 2007, 5 Apr. 2017.Benett, Clinton. Muslim Women of Power: Gender, Politics and Culture in Islam. New York, Continuum International Publishing, 2010. Accessed 5 Apr. 2017.Also MLA 8 is required for the work cited format.