Film Viewing: Race-The Power of an Illusion Part 3: The House We Live In

After viewing Part 3, please post to this discussion topic. Your post can either be a new response (e.g. something the film brought up for you related to the topic of race/ethnicity, and particularly how this new understanding may affect what we\’re looking at in terms of student equity); or it can be a response to another student\’s post.In this last post, I\’d like you specifically to talk about things we should keep in mind when considering the factors of race & ethnicity as they relate to the equity project.Oh – and do tell us which was your favorite part of the 3-part series, and why?**Source:I was unable find the video online for free. But found the transcript for it. Race The Power of an Illusion: Part 3 The House We Live In Transcript link : have also attached file \”RACE – The Power of an Illusion Episode 3 The House We Live In.pdf \” under my files section.****No Other Internet/Outside Sources**