Financial Terminology Paper

Locate at least two recent healthcare industry related articles about these financial terms: balance sheet, shareholder?s equity, EBITDA, EBITDAM, financial ethics, financial benchmarking, financial trend analysis, and ratio analysis.

Write a in APA format discussing the financial terms you have chosen and its application to healthcare finance. Your paper must include:

A brief summary of the articles
An explanation of the financial terms
A discussion of the terms? application to healthcare finance
Include at least five references sources
At least two of the five references must be peer-reviewed references
A peer-reviewed reference is any source that has gone through some kind of peer-review, which means that it has been checked out by other professionals in the field to confirm its quality.

Peer -reviewed sources include:

* Articles in academic journals

* Textbooks from reputable publishers

* Some websites from reliable sources (e.g. government departments, universities, etc.).

Examples of Peer-Reviewed References in APA format:

Baker, J. J., & Baker, R. W. (2009). Healthcare finance. New York, NY: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Chowdhury, A., & Chowdhury, S. P. (2010). Impact of capital structure on firm\’s value: Evidence from bangladesh. Business and Economic Horizons, 3(3) 111?112. Retrieved from

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