Fire Management Review

For this assessment activity, you will need to write a review of the objectives and implementation of fire management by major land users in northern Australia, and outline common ground and potential conflicts between these.

Consider the following within your essay:

Fire management practices
What are the objectives of burning for Aboriginal people, pastoral land managers and conservation/biodiversity land managers.
Do the aims/objectives, and timing and application of fire sometimes differ within a land-use group? If so, how and why?
Can you describe how the approach taken to burning differs among groups? Try to think about this in terms of aspects of the fire regime, fire type, and scale of burn.

Fire management conflict
Having now developed an understanding of different fire management aims and characteristics of the resultant fires, consider the common ground between groups as well as the potential points of conflict between land management groups? In terms of conflict think about:
The types of regimes that land uses aim for
What if a fire escapes from conservation reserve to a neighboring pastoral or Aboriginal freehold area? What potential problems could this cause?
How do the aims of burning differ and can they be reconciled?
Having briefly explored some of the options for community engagement, what community processes and principles would you recommend to ensure an effective and well-supported fire management planning process is developed?

Remember these questions are just to guide you. There may of course be other information you can include too.

Introduction (10%)

Fire management practices
Objectives of all 3 groups
Timing and application of all 3 groups
Differences within an individual group
Differences among the 3 groups

Fire management conflict
Including recommendations to resolve conflict

Conclusion (10%)